PostPullers Fence Master®

If you are looking for an easy way to remove damaged fence or gate posts, signs or motorway barriers then look no further. We now stock the Post Pullers Fence Master® post remover system which is available to hire in branch today.

The quick to set up, portable Fence Master® can easily extract a concreted in fence post in 2 minutes. The easy to operate system removes the need for back breaking effort and saves hours of manual digging.

With up to 4,000kg lifting force, Fence Master® post remover system can extract posts with concrete footings upto 600mm in diameter.

Using Fence Master® is so simple. Position the unit around the damaged post and attach the chains and operate the hand lever. The hydraulic system lifts the post and the concrete footing clear from the ground. When removed the material can be wheeled away and disposed off.

To remove damaged or rotten posts buried in concrete, use the special claw attachment to grip to the footing securely before lifting.

Watch the Fence Master® Video to see how to easily remove fence posts with back breaking digging.

Watch the Claw Attachment Video to see the system effortlessly remove a post and concrete footing.

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