Portable Air Conditioners

For cost effective portable air conditioner hire in Coventry, we stock a selection of Elite 1600e and Trotec PAC3900x machines. They are the perfect solution if you are looking to create a more pleasant environment in which to work. Suitable for all types of environments including offices, homes and commercial premises. Keep your computer rooms, conference rooms or meeting areas cooler.

With automatic thermostats and easy to operate controls to set the fan and temperature requirements, the machines will quickly and efficiently cool the room to make it more comfortable.

The portable air conditioners require venting to the outdoors to remove warm air and control the temperature. The easily manoeuvrable compact machines are light and wheelable into the right place and quickly set up. Simply plug them into any wall socket and set the controls to your required needs. In no time at all, the temperature in the room is brought to a more comfortable level, improving the quality of your work place.

The air conditioners are just one of the growing fleet of small tool hire and equipment that we offer. Take a look at the extensive range of equipment available to hire now.

For reliable and cheap portable air conditioner hire in Coventry, give us a call on 02476 47 48 49 or email us on sales@clementsplant.co.uk

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