PostPullers Fence Master® Hire

Whenever you need to remove damaged concreted in posts, we can provide  the PostPullers Fence Master® Hire. So why not take all the effort out of a usually back breaking, time consuming job. This time saving and easy to use product can be hired from Clements Plant & Access Hire in Coventry.

The Fence Master® is the ultimate post removal system suitable for use to efficiently remove all sizes and shapes of wooden or concrete fence posts, damaged signage and gateposts. Fence Master® can also be used to remove damaged motorway barrier posts.

Fence Master® takes all the effort out of the job, using upto 4000kg of pulling force to easily extract posts without any digging and back breaking work.

Using Fence Master® to remove rotten or damaged posts is so simple. Wheel the unit into position and secure the chains around the post. Pump the hand lever to push hydraulic oil into the ram and the lifting process will begin and remove the post from the ground.

The system has the ability to extract footings up to 600mm in diameter. Once clear of the ground, the post and concrete footing can be simply be wheeled away and disposed of.

The PostPullers Fence Master® is available for hire on short and long term contracts so contact our Hire Team now. You can send us an enquiry now or alternatively contact the office on 02476 47 48 49.

Take a look at how simple the system is to use by watching the PostPullers Fence Master® video.

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