Hired In Plant Insurance Waiver

When you hire plant and equipment from Clements, you will need to have Hired In Plant (HIP) Insurance cover. If you do not possess your own Hired In Plant insurance, we can arrange this for you. Contact the office on 02476 47 48 49 and talk to the hire team. We can go take you through the process and organise the cover for you.

If you already have your own HIP insurance please fill out and submit the Hired In Plant Insurance Waiver Form below. Please read the terms carefully.

We confirm that we have insurance cover that protects us against loss or damage to the hired-out plant and equipment, loss of hire charges while plant is unavailable as a result of loss or damage, our legal liability to employees and third parties, subject to the terms and conditions of our policies for the following limits:

Hired-out Plant & Equipment:

Indemnity: £100,000.00
Excess: £1,000.00

In return for 25% of the hire amount (minimum charge £35.00)

We will arrange for you to be given an interest in the relevant policy or policies in respect of the above covers and within the above financial parameters. Although you will not be a party to our insurance policy and will not have any direct rights of action against our insurers, our insurers have nevertheless agreed with us that they will not exercise any subrogation rights that they might have against you to the extent that you have (as here) been given an interest in the policy by agreement with us.

Please note that our policy is subject to CPA Terms and Conditions, details of which are available on request from:

Clements Plant & Tool Hire Ltd (sales@clementsplant.co.uk) or can be downloaded from our website: www.clementsplant.co.uk/CPAterms

Please also note that the above arrangement will not protect you in respect of your liability to employees or third parties for loss (incidents including but not limited to unexpected or unforeseen subsidence, unstable ground conditions, damage to underground services), damage, injury or death suffered by them unless this liability arises solely from our own negligence and we are liable for it.