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Red Diesel Supply Update – Important Information.

Important Information – Red Diesel Supply Update.

You will no doubt be aware of the upcoming changes in legislation with regards to the supply of red diesel fuels as these changes affect virtually all industries that use construction plant equipment. The basic principle behind the change in legislation is that from 1 April 2022 it will no longer be possible to fill the fuel tanks of our equipment with red diesel.  If you require further information regarding these new regulations, please visit

The key change brought about by the legislation is that any machine that has fuel added (by the hire company or the customer), from 1 April 2022 should be white diesel. Clements Plant and Access Hire will only be refilling white diesel in all our diesel equipment, access, telehandlers, excavators, dumpers, tools etc.

In making this change there are considerations for ourselves and our customers, such as the running down of red diesel stock levels ahead of 1 April 2022. To ensure compliance for ourselves and our customers we have made the decision to switch to purchasing white diesel only from 18th March 22.

Purchasing white diesel will result in significant additional costs, in the purchase, storage and additional security requirements. We will be continuing with charging for fuel upon return of the equipment.  This supersedes any previous agreements with regards to fuel. The price of fuel will be under constant review and may be subject to change due to fuel price fluctuations. Should you wish to refill our equipment prior to us collecting or you returning, please ensure that only white diesel is used.

Should any machine be returned full of fuel, but with red diesel, a significant charge for removing this diesel and cleaning the tank will be made.

Thank you for reading our red diesel supply update and thank you for your ongoing business. For more information contact us.