Tracked Spider Platform Effortlessly Reaches Difficult To Access Areas at Height.

Tracked Spider Platform Solved Access Problem

When Mansfield based company, Spider-Ops were called in to carry out a tricky inspection and repair job at New Theatre, Peterborough they contacted Clements for help. They had a particular issue and our Ruthmann Bluelift SA22 Tracked Spider Platform solved their access problem, enabling them to complete the job efficiently and safely.

As repairs were needed to the auditorium ceiling, and with rows of permanently fixed seating directly underneath the working area, accessing the working space was incredibly difficult. It was also imperative for the Spider-Ops team to be able to work safely at height. This type of work would normally have been completed using scaffolding. However a more efficient and adaptable option was available.

Following a site survey, Alex Weston of Spider-Ops, identified a tracked spider would be easier and more efficient to use.  What caused more concern was entry to the auditorium, which could only be accessed through a limited 1.78m height doorway.

With the access issue in mind, Alex contacted Clements to enquire about the brand new Bluelift SA22 tracked spider platform. The machine specifications matched the requirements for the job and solved the access problem. As the work to be carried out was inside the building, the machine used had to be clean, non-marking and run on electric power so as not to generate harmful odours.

Accessibility Issues – No Problem!

Compact Low Profile Machine Fits Through Limited Height Doorway     Close Control Manoeuvrability To Gain Access Through Narrow Entrance.     Tracked Spider Platform Passes Through Low Height Doorway.     Tracked Spider Platform In Position Inside The Auditorium with point loading floor protection in place.

With a compact transportation footprint, the spider platform was the ideal machine for Spider-Ops. The lowered profile of the machine allowed it to be manoeuvred into the building through the low height doorway. Once inside the auditorium, the spider could be set up quickly enabling the team to get on with the job. Matting and larger outrigger pads were used to reduce the point loading to the floor and protect the flooring.

With an overall working height of 22m, the spider platform had enough capacity to lift the team into position. Thus allowing them to carry out the inspection and repairs. The 10.9 metre lateral outreach capacity of the spider ensured that the team could work efficiently without re-siting the machine.

For more information about how the Ruthmann Bluelift SA22 Tracked Spider Platform can assist you with your working at height projects, contact us and request a quotation.