remove rotten fence posts

Remove Rotten Fence Posts Easily with Fence Master®

Have you ever needed to remove rotten fence posts, a damaged gate or sign posts?  If so, it is likely that you will know that this job can involve many hours of back breaking digging and removal of concrete footings.

Available for hire at Clements Plant & Access Hire, is the perfect solution to help solve this problem. We have recently added PostPullers’ Fence Master® Post Remover system to our fleet of equipment available to hire. Running repairs and replacements can now be carried out quickly and efficiently with the latest addition to our range of plant hire equipment.

The Fence Master® system removes all the back breaking effort required when you need to remove rotten fence posts. Instead of spending all day digging out and breaking concrete, the hydraulic system simply lifts the damaged post clear from the ground within a couple of minutes.

Fence Master® is also suitable for use to remove damaged motorway and carriageway barriers. In addition, if you have small tree stumps or trunks and root systems that you need to remove, Fence Master will handle this too!

Whether you are a professional landscape contractor, builder or keen DIY-er, Fence Master® is the efficient solution to a difficult, time consuming and demanding process.

Here are four simple steps that you need to take to easily remove damaged posts effortlessly:

1: Hire Fence Master® Post Remover System from Clements Plant & Access Hire.

The Fence Master® Post Remover system is available for hire from Clements Plant & Access Hire in Coventry. Simply contact the Hire Office on 02476 47 48 49 to find out more and to discuss your requirements. Hire charges start from £45 per day plus VAT and we can arrange delivery for an additional fee. Alternatively, why not call into the depot and collect it. Our Fence Master machines are available for short and long term hires.

2: Simply Wheel Fence Master® Into Position & Setup.

Fence Master® is so simple to use, and one of the most effective products available for removing fence, gate and sign posts.

Once you have the Fence Master® on site, align the post remover with the damaged post centrally located between the legs. Ensure the post rest is close to the damaged post with the arm in the horizontal position. The feet need to be supported on firm ground. Attach the chains tightly around the post and back into the slots on the post rest.

If the post is not accessible, then use the included claw attachment to grip the concrete footing. Position the claw over the top of the footing and use a hammer to tap the claw into the concrete. Attach the chains to the post rest.

Turn the pressure release knob until it is tight and the system is ready to go.

3: Pump The Hand Lever.

Fence Master® incorporates a high powered hydraulic lifting system that has a pulling force of around 4,000kg.

Operating the hand pumped lever on the machine will to start the lifting process. Hydraulic oil is pumped into the tank which starts to raise the arm upwards, pulling the post and footing upwards. Continuing to pump the lever will push the arm higher and extract the post and concrete from the ground.

4: Wheel the Damaged Post and Concrete Footing Away.

Finally, once the the footing is clear of the ground, pull the Fence Master® back so that the system is resting on it’s wheels and simply drag the removed post away. For lighter footings, once the ground seal is broken, the post and concrete can be removed easily.

Afterwards, simply backfill the hole that remains or replace the post to complete the repair.

Job done!

What Should You Do Next…?

Take a look and see for yourself at how simple the Fence Master® does the job by watching the product video.

Request more information…! If you are a trade customer, landscape contractor or you have a project to do at home and you want to hire Fence Master®, enquire now for price and availability.